AC Car Cushion - Zee's
AC Car Cushion - Zee's
AC Car Cushion - Zee's
AC Car Cushion - Zee's

AC Car Cushion

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We designed our AC car cushion for one reason - comfort. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable when driving can routinely last forever.

While everyone sweats their back off, you can finally enjoy AC through your seat. Choose from 2 fan speeds: low and high. The fans intake the cool air through the bottom section and push it through the mesh through to your hot back.


  • AC Car Cushion
  • 12v Standard Car Plug

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Customer Reviews

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Great for sweaty guys that drive a lot in a convertible with the top down.

So far, this product is great! I am in north Florida and drive with the convertible down whenever it's not raining, and sometimes when it is. Because of that, I get almost no AC most of the year and I am a sweaty kind of guy. Before, I would sweat through my shirts from driving every time. My seat cushion arrived 2 days ago. Here are my thoughts so far. Please consider that I cannot yet attest to its durability.

*Big PRO* The material construction quality is robust. For the price, I was pleasantly surprised.

*Big PRO* The seat is firm but comfortable. Driving an hour and change is no problem for the butt. It actually does better than the seat in supporting the lumbar spine too.

*Big PRO* The functionality is great so far. I actually had to turn the fan down because it was making me too cold. It is the winter time here though. The temperatures are in the high 60's. I'll revisit this in the summer.

*Big PRO* You can't beat the price for the quality.

*PRO* It looks pretty slick in the car. The color happens to match my seats anyway.

*PRO* Installation was cake and it stays where I put it. No floating, slouching, bunching, etc. It's like it was part of the seat all along.

*CON* The fan is a bit loud. It's not a problem for me with the top down, but I can imagine it might be an issue for other cars. Road drowns it out anyway.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons at this juncture. I just ordered another one for the passenger seat.

*Everyone* needs one of these.

This is EXACTLY what I needed. The air conditioning in my car is very efficient but my leather seats are dark and get VERY hot. It's torture to sit on that hot seat and sweat with no air movement. My past 3 cars have had A/C seats. My new car doesn't. I swore that I was going to take my Audi back to the dealership if I didn't find a quick solution. Then I found this. CRISIS AVERTED! The $40 piece of magic is amazing. I can't speak to it's longevity because I've only used it for about a month. I CAN speak to the fact that angels sing when I turn it on. Even if the air in the car isn't super cold yet when I turn on the car, it's amazing to have any kind of air circulating around me.
I get grumpy when I'm hot. Most of my days are spent in dresses and heels for work and I do NOT want to show up at a client appointment with sweat marks. Not pretty. I want to have a stockpile of these in my garage JUST in case. This product is awesome.

EDIT: Over a year later and it’s still amazing. If I thought it was the best $40 I’d ever spent when I’d originally written this review ONE MONTH after buying it, I’m going to have to multiply that statement by a dozen now. It even survived a flood in my car when I left my sunroof open in days of torrential downpours. Not only did it protect my leather, but it also STILL WORKS like a champ. ($10K worth of damage to my car paid by insurance ...but the seat cooler still worked!!...) This thing is such a workhorse. Still amazing.


It lasted me through the entire summer and fall, and I have it sitting in my garage for next year. Recommended!