Electric Spice Mill - Zee's
Electric Spice Mill - Zee's

Electric Spice Mill

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Love spices but hate grinding them? This electric grinder does it for you!
Simply turn the grinder upside down to add the desired amount of spice. The blue light helps you see you much you are adding to your food, while knob at the bottom adjusts coarseness.

*Requires 6 AAA Batteries

Customer Reviews

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Very convienient

I bought this when my last electric grinder broke replacing the batteries. This is really easy to use, just turn. The grind size is easily adjustable.
There is an LED light to see what is coming out but it's not overly useful. I need to move the grinder further away from the food to avoid the brightness but then risk getting salt or pepper on my counter.
I recommend very large salt crystals or it will come out fast; however, I personally use coarse sea salt from large shaker and expect the first pour to be very concentrated.
The first pour will be very consentrated whether it's salt or pepper, so be prepared.
This will also work for grinding other seasonings like chicken seasoning.


Great device! Thank you very much!

This one works as I need it to, and heres why..

I wanted a battery powered pepper grinder that I could use single handed, that gave me a satisfying ground of pepper.
This was my fourth purchase attempting to meet this want.
The first three grinders were anemic and/or impossible to refill without breaking.
This one is a keeper - it's a workhorse, nothing anemic or fragile about it!
The light illuminates the pepper as it falls to the food. Perfect.
I'm very happy with this purchase and if someone stole this grinder, I would replace it with the same.
***** 5 STARS